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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Do you craft for the love of it or for the sell of it?

I would love to make my living from creating jewellery but should that be the main reason we as crafters create our products or should it be because we love creating beautiful things and if we can make some money that's a bonus?

This is something that seems to be on the minds of many fellow crafters. One crafter asked on a forum "my stuff isn't selling, should I make something else..?" which got me to thinking "why do I make - for the love of it or for the sell of it?"

I love making jewellery but have often worried if I haven't made huge amounts of money at a craft fair and have often considered I should be making something else. Especially when its so competitive among jewellery sellers to even get into craft fairs! But I really do LOVE making jewellery so have made the decision to create beautiful bespoke pieces that I would really want to wear myself and to try not to put too much emphasis on the money side of things - though more money would be fab!

I believe only when we make things for the love of it, will we be able to actually make a sale from it. 

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